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Why I made Shophilist?

I made Shophilist for only one reason. I wanted to make the easiest shopping list possible without any clutter which can be shared with people in the same house. I used to manage all shopping needs in Whatsapp or Telegram and the lists tended to scatter among the daily conversations. It was daily struggle for me which could be avoided with better tools. Who doesn't want their daily life to be a little bit easier?

In April 2017 I started building Shophilist for both Android and iOS. I wanted to keep it simple so I've been adding features really slowly after lots of questioning will it really improve the app or not. In example I added push notifications in 2018.

Since April 2017 I've been using Shophilist almost daily and it has really made my shopping experience a lot easier. Exactly what I intended to solve.

The app got its way to the stores in 18th March 2019.

- @jruokangas

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